Mudra Dance Academy, your home for instruction in Indian Classical Arts.

Dance Styles


The name Bharatanatyam is a simple derivation from the four most important aspects of dance (in Sanskrit). These are: Bha from Bhava meaning emotion, Ra from Raaga meaning music or melody, Ta from Taala meaning rhythm and Natyam meaning dance. Thus Bharatanatyam is the dance that encompasses music, rhythm and melody


Folk Dance

Diverse culture of India has the treasure of a variety of folk dances in regions across the country. Apart from Indian classical dances, these Indian folk dances are practice in the rural areas and performed during the religious or seasonal festivals. 
Some of the most popular folk dances performed and taught at Mudra Dance academy are Garba from Gujarat, Ghoomar from Rajasthan, Bhangara from Punjab, Lavani from Maharastra, Raas from Gujarat and many more.



Passionate...about dance? We combines two or more dance styles to create a new dance aesthetic. Fusion Dance pushes each dancer individually and as group to be the best at what they do from the VERY BEGINNING!


Workshops/ Gurukulam

At Mudra we are passionate about sharing the rich artistic heritage of India, and its inspiring culture and traditions through performances and workshops.
We offer lecture and demonstration in dance
We invite international artist for classical workshops and folk workshop 
We specialize in bringing alive the well-loved stories from the ancient epics and mythology of India, using the vibrant traditional dances with storytelling, music with beautiful costumes. Our workshops help you to explore the rhythms of dance, and also teach you more about Indian culture.
In our workshop we also offer indian music, Henna, yoga, mythological stories and much more


Theoretical Studies 

We offer theoretical studies of Indian classical dance



Baal Geet is a class for you and your little one to get away from the daily routine and have fun! 



Dance your way to fitness
It’s a fun approach to fitness — learn Bollywood dance routines while burning calories!